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Pia Manzi Bar
Pia Manzi Reception
Pia Manzi Bar

Welcome to Pia Manzi. The property is a private game ranch and reserve with a spectacular location on the banks of the Luangwa River. Four beautiful, rustic villas, a commercial grade kitchen, dining area, lounge and bar await you, located on property encompassing 15,041 hectares, including 12 km of Luangwa river frontage and 10km along the Nyimba River. 

Put your feet up in the luxury lodgings with river views. The bedrooms are air-conditioned, en-suite chalets with twin or queen size beds (complete with linen and towels) and a writing table. Decorated to echo the colors and textures of Africa, this stone and thatch roofed chalet will make you truly feel part of your surroundings. 

Renowned for its extraordinary beauty and varied habitats the Luangwa Valley supports one of Africa's richest concentrations of wildlife and birds. Dry sandy riverbeds, streams and lagoons create the ideal habitat game hunting. The fauna on this property is extremely varied and most of the species, with the exception of the elephants and the wild dogs, are the exclusive property of Pia Manzi Private Game Reserve. The property is a rich fishing ground in the Luangwa River, the marine life includes the famous tiger fish.



Tel: +260 771991855



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